VI3D Labs EdgeSpec 3D Software

The EdgeSpec 3D has an assortment of tools to provide a fast and intuitive means of assessing the scanned object.

3D Solution Capabilities

Our 3D Interface allows the operator to view and measure the object in a virtual environment. Offering repeatability, accuracy, and historical comparison, the EdgeSpec 3D Interface provides and maintains a high level of sub-milimeter accuracy, combining all of the acquired data streams to compile the final 3D point cloud.

2D Solution software

2D Solution Capabilities

Our 2D Interface allows the operator to immediately begin analyzing the acquired image and profile data, providing them with a platform to make measurements, identify areas of interest and export findings for reporting purposes. At the same time, the 2D Interface creates a database to track areas of interest for historical comparison.

Fabric Swatch Scan

scan of fabric swatch
infrared scan of fabric swatch
enlarged scan of fabric swatch
close up infrared scan of fabric swatch
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